Rights to be Specs of Human Capital

Wendy BrownI want to draw at­ten­tion to the re­cent in­ter­view with Prof. Wendy Brown on Human Rights in Ireland. Prof. Brown en­gages ini­tially with the ques­tion of cri­tique, and its re­la­tion to rights. She re­fuses to re­ject rights, but in­stead seeks to ques­tion the premises upon which they stand and the power re­la­tions in which they emerge. Rights are not demo­crat­izing power, but about pro­tecting against power. The danger, how­ever, is when human rights takes over from broader justice pro­jects. Prof Brown ex­pounds her work on tol­er­ance, dif­fer­ence and the dis­cursive power struc­tures within that; The ones doing the tol­er­ating al­ways gets to call the shots. This leads to a ques­tioning of the Tea Party and Anti ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ move­ments in the US. Finally, Prof Brown dis­cusses her re­cent bookWalled States, Waning Sovereignty.

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