Call for global solidarity with the people of Spain

Solidarity protests and sit-ins are spreading around the world like a wildfire — find a rally near you and join the revolution!

From Santiago de Compostella to Shanghai, and from Wellington to Washington, D.C., over 520 cities in the world are witnessing protests in solidarity with the people of Spain this weekend.

Like Tahrir Square in Cairo earlier this year, the Puerta del Sol is Madrid quickly turning into the beating heart of a global protest movement for real democracy, economic opportunity and social justice.

The ongoing first world debt crisis is a glaring indication of the fact that our democracy has been hijacked by financial interests. The people are now being made to pay for a crisis that was caused by a reckless banking sector, corrupt officials and a defunct economic system.

Today, the people of Spain are bravely saying that enough is enough, we are not taking this anymore. Austerity measures around the continent are squeezing the lower and middle classes while a small elite continues to enrich itself off the very speculation that will be our downfall. This is unacceptable.

At the same time, a post-ideological establishment has all but embraced the sovereignty of the markets — caring very little indeed for the needs of the people. What real choice is there in a change of faces and party names, if all governments will end up pushing through the same market-oriented policies anyway?

As Europeans and citizens of this world, we can show our solidarity to the Spanish people by finding a protest near us on the website below. Over 520 solidarity sit-ins and rallies have been reported around the world so far.

The Spanish revolution is rapidly spreading: be part of the change, take action!

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