Máiréad Enright

Máiréad Enright is Lecturer in Law, University of Kent (UK)

The Law of University Protest: Notes from the UK


December 1st saw the launch of “Defend the Irish University”; a charter which underscores common experiences of university privatisation in Ireland and the UK, and suggests possibilities for resistance. It is important to take note of what is happening to students and staff who are contesting the effects of similar austerity and privatisation policies on higher…

The Political in the Contract Classroom


When we started ‘The Public Life of Private Law’ one of the conversations we wanted to have with participants, and with others following the series, was about teaching private law from a critical perspective. In particular, we wanted to think about how those of us who fell into teaching private law through a mixture of necessity and serendipity, but…

The Public Life of Private Law: Seminar Series Update.


By the end of Friday, we will be half-​way through our ESRC seminar series ‘The Public Life of Private Law’. The programme for our second seminar is here. The focus of the second seminar will be on the uses of private law in seeking reparations for ‘human rights abuses’. In setting this theme we had in mind a variety…

Six Bursaries Available: The Public Life of Private Law (ESRC) Seminar Series

Alma Thomas Watusi – Hard Edge 1963

Six bursaries are available to assist PhD students and recent PhD graduates in any discipline to attend all four seminars in the UK’s ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) seminar series The Public Life of Private Law, which will run 2013 – 2014. The first seminar takes place at the University of Kent on 18 January 2013. The series examines the relations between private…

Excitable Speech: Shell to Sea & Joking About Rape

Shell Hell

Give me your name and address and I’ll rape you. [All laugh] — Unidentified Garda Sergeant Shell to Sea is an organisation operating in the west of Ireland which was formed to take direct action in protest against the Corrib Gas Project. It is widely known and accepted in Ireland that the police (the gardai) have…

Use of Private Law to Control Student Occupations

Les Beaux Arts

I have been wondering about teaching one of the secret lives of private law; the use of the law of tort, contract and equity to regulate on-​campus student protest. There is a growing online archive — of blogs, media reports and university press releases — which details how these private tools for the defence of “university property” have been used…