Oren Ben-Dor

Oren Ben-Dor is Professor of Law and Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Law, Ethics and Globalisation at the University of Southampton, UK.

CfP: International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism, University of Southampton 17 – 19 April 2015

Grafitti in Beirut

This conference, hosted by the Law School at the University of Southampton, (17th – 19th April 2015) seeks to ana­lyse the chal­lenge posed to in­ter­na­tional law by the Jewish State of Israel and the whole of his­toric Palestine – the area to the west side of River Jordan that in­cludes both what is now the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories…

Piracy and Jurisprudence — An Interdisciplinary Workshop | University of Southampton, 21 – 22 June 2013

Hiroshi Sugimoto – Mediterranean Sea, circa 1990

Adored and de­tested, pir­ates evoke moral and eth­ical am­bi­val­ence: and piracy as a term of law has al­ways been ex­cep­tion­ally vul­ner­able to polit­ical agendas. More pre­cisely, it has al­ways been a term of both high imperial/​hegemonic art, and sig­ni­ficant rad­ical po­ten­tial. As such, it is a word with a weighty his­tory of com­plex moral and eth­ical loading and reloading.…

The Primacy of the Ear: Conversations with Gilad Atzmon, 2 May 2013, University of Southampton, UK

Primacy of the Ear

Gilad ex­plores his first en­counter with Jazz music and its im­pact on his eth­ical and philo­soph­ical stand. The talk will ex­plore the me­dium in which aes­thetics is trans­formed into mor­ality in par­tic­ular as in­stan­ti­ated in new per­spect­ives on the re­la­tions between the Jewish and Zionist ques­tions. I real­ized that I have given up on the primacy…

Why Israel Desires to be Hated by Palestinians

The Black Wall, impressionism referenced from Gaza Strip barrier, by Eleni Tsami - planewalk(dot)net

Yet an­other mas­sacre is un­folding in Gaza, the largest prison in the world.* We are sur­rounded by fa­miliar chatter: ‘Israel’s right to de­fend it­self’; ‘Palestinians’ le­git­imate res­ist­ance to (the 1967) oc­cu­pa­tion’; ‘who started it this time?’ Most in­si­dious, how­ever, is the stale re­frain, sung by a chorus which in­cludes President Obama, that the vi­ol­ence is dis­astrous for…

The Essence of Ecology: Uncanny Ipseities

Vortex Street

Full Title: Uncanny Ipseities: pres­en­cing been­ness – worlding-​rootedness/​rooted world­li­ness – polit­ical dif­f­erend : be-​ginning-​steering of the west as the be-​coming-​gliding of the east ** The main move of this paper is to con­ceive Heidegger as a thinker about the es­sence of eco­logy and to be at­tentive to, to glide at­tent­ively in, the tem­poral, ma­terial and polit­ical un­canny call of this essence,…