Oren Ben-Dor

Oren Ben-Dor is Professor of Law and Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Law, Ethics and Globalisation at the University of Southampton, UK.

CfP: International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism, University of Southampton 17–19 April 2015

Grafitti in Beirut

This conference, hosted by the Law School at the University of Southampton, (17th–19th April 2015) seeks to analyse the challenge posed to international law by the Jewish State of Israel and the whole of historic Palestine – the area to the west side of River Jordan that includes both what is now the State of Israel and the…

Piracy and Jurisprudence — An Interdisciplinary Workshop | University of Southampton, 21–22 June 2013

Hiroshi Sugimoto – Mediterranean Sea, circa 1990

Organised by the Centre for Law Ethics and Globalisation (LEAG), University of Southampton Law School; English at the University of Southampton; and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute. Adored and detested, pirates evoke moral and ethical ambivalence: and piracy as a term of law has always been exceptionally vulnerable to political agendas. More precisely, it…

Why Israel Desires to be Hated by Palestinians

The Black Wall, impressionism referenced from Gaza Strip barrier, by Eleni Tsami - planewalk(dot)net

Yet another massacre is unfolding in Gaza, the largest prison in the world.* We are surrounded by familiar chatter: ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’; ‘Palestinians’ legitimate resistance to (the 1967) occupation’; ‘who started it this time?’ Most insidious, however, is the stale refrain, sung by a chorus which includes President Obama, that the violence is disastrous…

The Essence of Ecology: Uncanny Ipseities

Vortex Street

Full Title: Uncanny Ipseities: presencing beenness – worlding-rootedness/rooted worldliness – political differend : be-ginning-steering of the west as the be-coming-gliding of the east ** The main move of this paper is to conceive Heidegger as a thinker about the essence of ecology and to be attentive to, to glide attentively in, the temporal, material and…