Series: Philosophers at War

The Derridian Performative & the Foundation of the Interim Transitional National Committee for Libya

Libyan flag above the communications tower in Al Bayda, Libya 2011-07-17

In March of this year Jean-​Luc Nancy pub­lished an art­icle en­titled “What the Arab Peoples Signify to Us” in the Libération news­paper. The art­icle sup­ported the NATO lead mil­itary in­ter­ven­tion in Libya. Alain Badiou penned an acerbic re­sponse, claiming that Nancy had mis­read the situ­ation in Libya en­tirely. The up­rising in Libya was not at…

The End of Sovereignty, in North Africa, in the World

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Spare a thought for Alain Badiou. He must be busy tending to the sens­itive in­stru­ments of his evento-​graph. As with the seis­mo­graphs of late – all ‘re­volu­tionary event’ de­tectors have had a busy time. The an­ti­cip­a­tion must also be dif­fi­cult to bear. Syria is un­rav­eling. The Road to Damascus might soon yield an­other Paul, or in­deed a Muhammad, and preferably…

Philosophers at War

Libya Prayers

In times of con­front­a­tions between ex­pli­citly ma­terial in­terests, and in the ab­sence of any real public de­bate in­volving the Italian Government (busy pro­tecting the orgy of power), what could be better than a proper ex­change between internationally-​renowned philo­sophers, on the al­leged ne­ces­sity of a mil­itary in­ter­ven­tion in Libya? In an art­icle pub­lished on the 28th of March…

Alain Badiou, Jean-​Luc Nancy, France, Libya and Me

Libya oil soldier

In Alain Badiou’s open reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy, he chides Nancy for falling into the trap that the NATO at­tacks on Libya were in any way de­signed to rescue the in­sur­gents of Benghazi. Badiou is amazed that someone so in­formed about geo­pol­itics, and the covert agenda of the French gov­ern­ment along with the other NATO

Alain Badiou’s reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy

Libya Prayers

The fol­lowing is Alain Badiou’s full reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy’s “What the Arab peoples sig­nify to us”. With many thanks to Verso Books UK. Yes, dear Jean-​Luc, the po­s­i­tion you adopt in fa­vour of ‘Western’ in­ter­ven­tion in Libya was in­deed a sorry sur­prise for me. Didn’t you no­tice right from the start the palp­able dif­fer­ence between what…

What the Arab peoples signify to us

Libya Prayers

The Arab peoples are sig­ni­fying to us that res­ist­ance and re­volt are with us once again, and that his­tory is moving beyond History. They are doing it, as is ap­pro­priate, with all the for­tune and mis­for­tune that it in­volves. At the very least they have sent an ir­re­vers­ible signal whose ef­fects we can ex­pect to…