Series: Philosophers at War

The Derridian Performative & the Foundation of the Interim Transitional National Committee for Libya

Libyan flag above the communications tower in Al Bayda, Libya 2011-07-17

In March of this year Jean-​Luc Nancy published an article entitled “What the Arab Peoples Signify to Us” in the Libération newspaper. The article supported the NATO lead military intervention in Libya. Alain Badiou penned an acerbic response, claiming that Nancy had misread the situation in Libya entirely. The uprising in Libya was not at…

The End of Sovereignty, in North Africa, in the World

Map used by Columbus

Spare a thought for Alain Badiou. He must be busy tending to the sensitive instruments of his evento-​graph. As with the seismographs of late – all ‘revolutionary event’ detectors have had a busy time. The anticipation must also be difficult to bear. Syria is unraveling. The Road to Damascus might soon yield another Paul, or indeed a Muhammad, and preferably…

Philosophers at War

Libya Prayers

In times of confrontations between explicitly material interests, and in the absence of any real public debate involving the Italian Government (busy protecting the orgy of power), what could be better than a proper exchange between internationally-​renowned philosophers, on the alleged necessity of a military intervention in Libya? In an article published on the 28th of March…

Alain Badiou, Jean-​Luc Nancy, France, Libya and Me

Libya oil soldier

In Alain Badiou’s open reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy, he chides Nancy for falling into the trap that the NATO attacks on Libya were in any way designed to rescue the insurgents of Benghazi. Badiou is amazed that someone so informed about geopolitics, and the covert agenda of the French government along with the other NATO

Alain Badiou’s reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy

Libya Prayers

The following is Alain Badiou’s full reply to Jean-​Luc Nancy’s “What the Arab peoples signify to us”. With many thanks to Verso Books UK. Yes, dear Jean-​Luc, the position you adopt in favour of ‘Western’ intervention in Libya was indeed a sorry surprise for me. Didn’t you notice right from the start the palpable difference between what…

What the Arab peoples signify to us

Libya Prayers

The Arab peoples are signifying to us that resistance and revolt are with us once again, and that history is moving beyond History. They are doing it, as is appropriate, with all the fortune and misfortune that it involves. At the very least they have sent an irreversible signal whose effects we can expect to…