Poems, Kettles and Monopolies

Concentric CirclesA short poem inspired by the student protests, mainly on the ‘kettling of kettling’ idea used by friends and supporters of injured protestor Alfie Meadows.  They created something of a ‘Russian doll’ effect by surrounding the police at their headquarters at Scotland Yard.  Also some underlying thoughts on the state’s monopoly of violence.


Caught in a series of monologues,

an untimely proclamation of self.

Typed, Tweeted,

reworked, and drafted –

a reminder of escapes from the underworld.

Subsistence combined with distance,

the elite re-emerge,

the schisms re-align.

The redness that we fight over,

a sharing of sorts.


the force of tactics,

the Russian doll of resistance.

Bringing her back,

reigning her in,

feeding her,

starving her,

beating her,

enraging her.

She has more layers than you.

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