The Suppression of the Arab Spring in Syria

by | 27 May 2011

Syria video released by Amnesty International

“Images of unarmed civilians shot in the head help explain why there have been so many fatalities. Together with footage of soldiers celebrating deaths, they document what appears to be a ‘shoot to kill’ policy,” said Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“Other clips showing the bludgeoning of men lying on the ground – one of whom seems to have been already shot and critically injured – highlight the wanton cruelty of the regime’s security apparatus.”

Amnesty International has the names of more then 720 people believed to have been killed by the Syrian security forces during the past two months of unrest sparked by protests throughout the region.

“These videos add to the damning collection of reasons why the UN Security Council must take decisive action and refer Syria to the International Criminal Court over its brutal crackdown against pro-reform protesters,” said Philip Luther.


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