A magazine bringing art, philosophy, poetry and critical theory together in exposing the nuances of contemporary life and culture.

80 pages in full colour uncoated paper!

Essays on Human Rights by Professor Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, and Professor Mark Fisher, Goldsmiths; an article on Animal Rights by Ian Smith, research associate at PETA; a philosophical argument for Environmental Rights by John Heyderman, Philosophy Birkbeck; and a reflective case for the Right to Radicalism by Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez, Cultural Sociology PhD Yale.

Illustrations of kids expressing youth and adults in orgasm by Diego Beyró; intricate feminist designs responding to the traditional roles of women in Spanish society by Iria Prol; photographs from Human Writes, a dance installation by The Forsythe Company; a graphic portrait of Dead Che by James Grant; images of wire-sculptures by Rory Dobner; and an illustration responding to the concerns of environmental rights by Clara Terne.

Words and stills from The Giant in the Desert, a film by Pierre-Edouard Dumora; and poetry by Jovita Berlin, Unwritten Manifesto.


Photography by Dana Popa, Our Father Ceausescu; Elise Boularan, Des electrons sous les Paupières/Lapsus Prompta; Ivor Prickett, Croatia’s Displaced Serbs; and Pietro Cocco, Entierro.

And a very special interview with Stik, London based graffiti artist.


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