Shoppinghour issue 08: Critique of Science

by | 5 Mar 2012

Founded in 2008, Shoppinghour Magazine is a London-based publication that has as its aim the reconstruction of a culture mired in the nihilist vestiges of postmodernity. Through an empowerment of the interdisciplinary potentialities between various forms of contemporary arts expression and theory, the ambition is to help resuscitate the spirit of a society in dire need of critique. Working closely with the magazine’s designers to avoid creating yet another consumer commodity, Shoppinghour is a gift to those who share the critical reconstructive drive of the New Educators.


Lukasz Izert: Low Resolution
Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez: Hayden White and the Paradigm of Profound Levity
Seung Pyo Hong: Organic Inventions
Stuart Lester/Clara Terne: We are just playing
Jonny Briggs: Nurtured Nature
Mika Hayashi Ebbesen: Human Fiction — A Portrait of Choice
Ania Micinska interviews Aspen Mays: Punched out stars
Irena Knezevic: Failure of Visible Universe (with art insert)
Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez interviews Matthew Herbert: One Pig
Daisuke Takagi: Nano Robots
Hisham Awad: Melancholy Objectivity: The Scientific Self in Eastern European Cinema
Mike Hulme: Transparency and the limits of ‘see-through knowledge’
Nina Sarnelle/Scott Andrew: The Center for Autosexual Reproduction
Martyna Dakowicz: The New Fountain?
Enrico Fioraso: New Order
Stathis Tsemberlides: MK—Ultra
Think Work Observe: Great Dictator’s final speech
Peter Eramian: Wernher von Braun and the Paradigm of Noble Irony



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