Law: between Theory and Critique, Conference Paris 23–24 March 2012

Justice, Critical Theory, Post-conflict and Internationalism

March 23rd Sciences-Po Paris
March 24th 2012 Paris 1 University

Reflection on law appears today to be one of the most productive themes of philosophy. The borders between law, morality, and politics are constantly being put into question. Critical theory has shown that law must, above all, make possible a conception of politics as the preservation of the conditions for the realisation of freedom. We must, however, question the continuing pertinence of this philosophical notion, through, in particular: the Frankfurt School, various theories of justice, certain forms of feminism, as well as legal theory, particularly Critical Legal Studies.

The purpose of this colloquium is to interrogate the relationship between legal theory and the critique of law, particularly if we understand the latter phrase in the double sense of the genitive (