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by | 10 Jun 2012

Democracy and Law

Democracy and law are central themes of global studies. Nowadays international politics seems to be interceded via a multitude of legal practices and processes, consequently bringing the role of, and need for, international law into sharp relief. Yet particularly since the emergence of the ‘war on terror’ many have questioned the efficacy of international law. No longer framed in terms of a Westphalian ‘law of nations’, international law is undergoing a series of fundamental challenges that are increasingly calling into question its status, effectiveness and application. Extraordinary rendition, the widespread use of torture and the politics of exception in general highlight both its ineffectiveness and flexibility in equal measure. Consequently, some champion the strengthening of current state-centric institutions and regimes to protect human rights, while others argue that breaking existing regulations can be justified. Others still argue for radically different (bottom-up) approaches to international law and democracy, taking into account not only relations between states but also relations between individuals.

The journal seeks to investigate these issues We invite original contributions in the following areas:

  • The purpose and application of international law.
  • The relationship between democracy, law and globalisation.
  • The need for alternative conceptualisations of democracy and international law.
  • The role of non-state actors in facilitating or resisting either international law and/or democracy.
  • The problematic of humanitarian intervention and the aggressive facilitation of democratic norms.
  • Can globalisation provide the means and incentive to provide a truly democratic world order?

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