#14N Protests unite European Peoples

In the UK there is a current blockade of the Crossrail works at Tottenham Court Rd by Occupy London, while solidarity protests are planned in Smith Sq.,London at 5pm, and outside St.Giles Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile at 6pm.

In Germany while unions have not called official strikes, their representative body the DGB has called individual workers to pursue solidarity actions.  A list of planned protests is found here (in German).


Twitter: #14N and #14Nriseup hashtags

http://theoccupiedtimes.co.uk/?p=7577 (English)

http://actualutte.com/live-14n-european-strike/ (French)

http://www.huelga14n.org/ (Spanish)

http://demanifestacion.com/#home (Spanish photoblog)

https://twitter.com/DLaoVivo (Portuguese twitter account)

http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/nov/14/eurozone-crisis-general-strikes-protest-day-of-action (English)





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