Blockupy Frankfurt 2013 – appeal for action this spring

by | 19 Feb 2013

Blockupy 2013







Resistance in the heart of Europe’s crisis regime” – under this slogan the Blockupy Alliance is planning renewed international protests in Frankfurt this spring. In a nationwide meeting on Sunday in Frankfurt’s DGB-200 Active House it was agreed to push on with preparations for the days of action and issue a written joint appeal.

We will carry our protest, our civil disobedience and resistance to the seat of the beneficiaries of the European crisis regime to Frankfurt. We shall not be intimidated by police and judicial repression which is occurring in many places around the world and also hits us, rather it will be countered by cross-border solidarity.  Let’s place our solidarity against the politics of the dictatorship of austerity! We make it clear that we will defend ourselves against a renovation of capitalism in Europe built on the backs of workers, the unemployed, pensioners, migrants and young people.

The call comes as German police raided the homes of journalists and seized cameras and film in the hope of finding pictures of protesters face’s for their investigations and exclusion orders.

For Friday 31 May, Blockupy plan mass blockades of the European Central Bank and other actions in the Frankfurt area. For Saturday, 1 June the Alliance calls for a major international demonstration. Last year, 30,000 people participated in the Blockupy demo.

Besides the preparatory group in Frankfurt there are already more local alliances and crisis preparedness groups, including in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Kassel and Bielefeld which have formed.

Blockupy spokesman Thomas Occupy said:

We will make every effort to make this protest even bigger, brighter and louder when we take to the streets in Frankfurt. To prevent us from even partial holding the streets, the authorities will need to lock down the entire city for days.

The Blockupy Action Days 2013 are lined up as one of several actions across Europe against the current crisis politics:  on 13 March in Europe there will be decentralized actions against the EU summit. On 14 March Blockupy-militants from several cities will travel to Brussels for a march against European governments’ policies of impoverishment.

The Blockupy Alliance is supported by activists of various emancipatory groups and organizations, including the Interventionist Left, Attac, Occupy Frankfurt, trade unions, youth and student organizations such as the Left Youth Solid and the Young Greens, the unemployment forum Germany, the party ” Die Linke “and – this year to come – the Peace Cooperative Network and the Alliance” Ums Ganze. ”

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