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by | 20 Mar 2013

Des_jardins_de_VersaillesThe Australian Feminist Law Journal is seeking articles for publication for a Special Issue of the Journal, ‘Gardens of Justice’, namely Volume 39, December 2013. The theme ‘Gardens of Justice’ suggests a plurality of justice gardens that may function together but at times also may be at odds with each other. We invite you to think freely and critically about the concrete and metaphorical garden. We invite articles that address questions of law and justice as spatial and spatializing structures, as social topography and geography, as political cartography on a global scale, as places where symbolic orders and disorders become visible and may be acted out, as mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, as masculine and feminine and as social utopia. This special issue is devoted to thinking about law and justice as a physical as well as a social environment. The theme invites you to think about justice as a concrete metaphor rather than an abstract concept.

The AFLJ seeks to focus upon scholarly research using critical feminist approaches to law and justice, broadly conceived.  As a critical legal journal we publish research informed by critical theory, cultural and literary theory, jurisprudential, postcolonial and psychoanalytic approaches, amongst other critical research practices. Articles are limited to 8000 words. Prospective contributors are invited to discuss any proposed submissions with an Editor.

Deadline for Submissions

Please send paper proposals (abstracts) to the special issue editors before submitting a completed paper if possible. Full manuscripts should be sent in electronic form to the editors by May 31, 2013. Submissions should be sent to both Leila Brännström, University of Lund (Leila.Brannstrom[at] and Leif Dahlberg (dahlberg[at] Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Earlier submissions are welcomed.

Refereeing of Articles

The Australian Feminist Law Journal referees all manuscripts submitted for publication and follows the double-blind refereeing procedure. Referees will be selected with expertise in the author’s area of scholarship. Authors are requested to place their name and affiliation on a separate page, and eliminate any self-identifying citation of one’s own work. This can be done by leaving such citations or reference material blank or otherwise referring to the work in a way which disguises the name of the author. The journal will not accept manuscripts for consideration which are already under consideration by another journal. The Australian Feminist Law Journal is published by the Socio-Legal Research Centre, Griffith University, Australia and is available in all major University libraries and online with Informit, Heinonline, Proquest and EBSCO. An electronic version of the journal style guide can be found on the AFLJ website: Subscription enquiries:

Submission Deadline of May 31, 2013



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