Event: Legal Utopias – The Future of Law and Legal Education

114064825_LAW_08_342030cAgainst a background of profound changes in higher education policy, and in the year in which the Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) will report its findings to its sponsoring regulators in May 2013, the School of Law at Birkbeck places legal education on trial in this week of free lectures and workshops. With roundtable discussions featuring distinguished legal academics, novelists, journalists and political activists, who explore the influence of legal education and legal educators on the wider cultural and social landscape, this is a trial not to be missed!

Take part as we debate the future of the School of Law, positioned in a climate where both publicly funded and privately sourced legal education providers battle with high fees and an ever expanding competitive market. Have your say over access to legal education as our panels explore whether legal academics should confront challenges of widening participation by developing a culture of pro bono – offering legal education freely outside their universities/colleges.

Join young lawyers as they reflect on their recent experiences of legal education from the viewpoint of radical politics and activism and be sure to be present for the launch and mock validation of Birkbeck’s alternative qualifying law degree!

Law on Trial takes place from 17–21 June 2013. Contribute to a radical re-imagining of legal education and, by extension, a re-imagining of the law.

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