Postpolitics and Neoliberalism, Conference, Birkbeck 21 March 2015

by | 16 Jan 2015

Birkbeck Insitute for the Humanities

Politics is either dead, dying, or changing into something new. The word ‘ideology’ has become a term of abuse, associated especially with the ‘utopian’ old left. Commitment and belief have become ‘tribalism’ and ‘dogma’. Technocracy, pragmatism, and single-issue campaigns are the order of the day. As the public tune out and turn away, politicians perform increasingly desperate acts of self-abasement. Anti-Westminster mavericks are on the rise. Everywhere there are calls to shrink the state.Yet a politics that exists outside the theatre of the state has yet to be imagined.

As the 2015 election fast approaches, this conference will explore the ideological, cultural, linguistic and historical dimensions of the contemporary postpolitical moment, and its relationship to neoliberalism. With participants drawn from academic, writing, and campaigning backgrounds, the conference will bring together a range of approaches in order to grasp the enduring subtext of the all-consuming and all-erasing daily news churn.

Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities
Saturday, 21 March 2015 from 09:00 to 21:00 (GMT)
London, United Kingdom

The event is free of charge.

Register and book your place here.

Speakers will include: Chantal Mouffe, Erik Swyngedouw, Costas Douzinas, Nina Power, Jeremy Gilbert, Zoe Williams, and Esther Leslie.

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  1. Da, ja zvonil. Menia ineurtseet eto ucenie. Hotelosj by v nego uglubitjsia. U tebia estj literatura-ucenie Cerkvi Boga? Ty ne znaeš CCG ? Ih lider zajavil, cto oni budut poglošatj vseh ASD i Cerkvi Boga. Interesnoe i smeloe zajavlenie. Cem oni otlicajutsia?


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