Equal Rights for All: A New Path for Israel-Palestine, Conference BIH, 14 March 2015

by | 12 Feb 2015


This international conference will open at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities (University of London) on Saturday 14th March at 6pm in Room B34:

Why Now is the Time for Rights
 Avrum Burg and Sam Bahour in conversation.

The conference will continue on Sunday 15th (Room B01, Clore Building) & Monday 16th March (Room B34, Main Building)

Speakers to include:

Sam Bahour, Bashir Bashir, Moshe Behar, Avrum Burg,  Leila Farsakh, Salma Karmi-Ayyoub, Menachem Klein, Yossi Rapoport, Leila Shahid,  Avi Shlaim, Limor Yehuda, together with Jacqueline Rose & Lynne Segal

The failure of the Kerry peace plan, the devastating bombardment of Gaza in July and August 2014, and the annexation by Israel of more land in the West Bank have delivered another setback to both the prospect of Palestinian statehood and an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict.  More broadly, 47 years of military occupation have denied the Palestinians inhabiting these territories almost every basic civil and human right. It is time therefore for an objective appraisal of the reality of life for Palestinians, a thorough understanding of the nature of the Israeli-controlled military and civil regime that prevails in the entire Israel-Palestine area, and a recognition that there will be no solution that can secure the viability of a peaceful life for Israelis and Palestinians unless it is grounded in the principles of universal human rights and international law. Shifting attention from discussions focused solely on a one-or-two-state agreement, the fundamental question this conference seeks to address is how to achieve equal rights for all who live in Palestine-Israel.

In pursuit of these objectives, the conference will also aim to highlight the real impact of occupation and ask how it may be brought to an end; seek to facilitate co-operation between Palestinians and like-minded Israeli Jews; and issue a rallying call for the international community.

Payment and Registration:

  • Standard: £15 public lecture  only (14th March)
    £50   public lecture + 2 day conference
  • Non-Birkbeck students: £8 public lecture only (14th March)
    £20 public lecture + 2 day conference
  • Birkbeck staff and students: £8 public lecture only (14th March)
    £20 public lecture + 2 day conference

Book Here

International Conference organised by Independent Jewish Voices and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities with additional sponsorship by the Bruno Kreisky Forum and Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust


Julia Eisner, Manager
Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities
Birkbeck, University of London
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX
Tel:     (0) 20 7631 6612
Email:  j.eisner@bbk.ac.uk


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