Is there an EU Justice Deficit?

a3_1Justice Giuliano Amato in debate with Professor Christian Joerges. The EU affects the lives of many people in ways they perceive as profoundly unjust. Lives are dramatically affected by the policies of austerity, widely understood to be EU-imposed. With the Court of Justice appearing to stand for its own authority and EU autonomy at any cost; with migrants attempting to reach fortress Europe and drowning en masse as the EU cuts back its rescue services; and with economic inequalities in the Member States reaching new heights, could it be that there is a justice deficit in Europe, exacerbated by the European Union? Recognising that there is an urgent need to address the question of justice openly within the EU, on Thursday 4th June at the London School of Economics (3-6pm room 32L.G.03) Justice Giuliano Amato (former Prime Minister of Italy) and Professor Christian Joerges will debate the nature and scope of the EU’s Justice Deficit. The event will also mark the launch of Europe’s Justice Deficit? a new collection of essays published by Hart Publishing and edited by Dimitry Kochenov, Grainne de Burca and Andrew Williams.

If you would be interested in attending please contact Sarah Lee at

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