Call for Contributions: Key Concepts

by | 24 May 2016

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The idea behind CLT’s Key Concepts page is to provide an overview of the specialized vocabulary / terms of art used by many of the contributors to CLT, and which will be helpful to non-specialist readers as we well as researchers within the critical legal field and beyond. Since we started it, the page has proved very popular, with some of the pieces being some of our most frequently accessed.

To try and develop the page more quickly, we are sending out a call for further contributions.

We are looking for articles of up to approximately 2,000 words on any key concept of theorists/philosophers relevant to critical legal theory, for example, Hegel: Beautiful Soul, Kristeva: Semiotic, Lacan: Big Other, Levinas: Other, Marx: Alienation, Mbembe: Necropolitics, Nancy:  Freedom, Said: Orientalism, etc. Please note these are merely examples and that the list is practically endless. Further examples can be found on the Key Concepts page itself.

Submissions should explain a concept’s background, meaning, and significance as well as its critical application to juridical concerns broadly understood. It is perfectly acceptable to submit a key concept that another author has previously written about and that we have already published, as long as it can be seen to offer something significantly different from it.

It is not necessary to request whether CLT would be interested in any specific key concept prior to submission. Simply submit the completed article for our consideration.

To submit a completed article to our Key Concepts page, please use the form on our SUBMISSIONS PAGE. As with all submissions, it will be subject to the criteria stipulated on that page.

All articles are published under creative commons licence.



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