UNSW PhD Scholarship in Social Movements, Political Activism & Legal Change

by | 13 Jun 2018

Jacob Lawrence (1940-41) “One of the largest race riots occurred in East St. Louis.”

Social movements often attempt to address exclusion and inequality by making political claims that rely on legal ideas such as human rights or sovereignty. They also frequently use legal institutions and forms in their political activism, for example, by pursuing legislative change or class actions. This project draws on critical theory to explore the strengths and limitations of law as a way for social movements to address injustice and exclusion. It does so by examining how legal ideas shape our understanding of political activism and/or how legal ideas and institutions are mobilised in the political practices of social movements.

The ideal candidate will have a background in critical legal studies, critical theory or philosophy.  They should have the capacity to undertake independent research in these field as demonstrated by an honours degree or Masters.  It is preferred that the candidate also hold a law degree but it is not essential.

Details can be found here.


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