Event: Archiving Protest: From the Afterlives of the Event to Archives of Instantaneity,

by | 29 Apr 2019

Over the last decade we have seen protests and revolts that have resonated globally: from Tahrir Square and Gezi Park to the Indignants in Greece and Spain, to the Gilet Jaunes or Occupy Wall Street or the Umbrella Movement. One of the key elements of these events has been their online circulation which has flowed from the (bottom-up) modes of documentation employed. The ‘democratization of witnessing’ associated with this type of ‘citizen journalism’ has opened new political, ethical and aesthetic questions. This workshop seeks to address two of these issues through the lens of critical theory.

The first issue is situated after the event, once the immediate affective power of these online artefacts has faded. We want to examine archives of protest as an afterlife of the event, what Derrida described as “surviving of an excess of life which resists annihilation”. The second issue involves what we are calling ‘archives of instantaneity’. By this we mean organised attempts to record and archive from within the events. We are interested in exploring the potential of (extant and new) platforms to build contemporaneous archives.

13th of May, University of Warwick, Oculus Building. Free Tickets available here (Link)


10:30-11:00 Registration

11:00-11:15 Introduction

11:15-12:15 Space

Kaya Behkalam, Media Artist and Researcher

“The Augmented Archive: A mobile video archive for Cairo and other contested urban spaces”

Aikaterini Antonopoulou, University of Liverpool

“The Aestheticisation of Unrest in (Post) Crisis Athens”

Aya Nassar, University of Sussex

“Rhythms of ruination: Cairo’s NDP building and the city as an archive”


12:15-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:00 Gaze

Lara El Gibaly, Journalist and Independent Researcher

“Artwork as archive: Examining vernacular video’s afterlife in two video artworks from Egypt”

Nuno Coelho, University of Coimbra

“Analysis of images produced during the Arab Spring in Tunisia”

14:00-14:30 Coffee Break

14:30-15:30 Affect

Tashina Blom, Utrecht University

” Archiving Anger: The Political Afterlife of Affect”

Dina Makram-Ebeid, The American University in Cairo

“Affective Geographies of a Revolution: Archiving the Aftermath of Trauma and the Politics of Emotions in Post 2011 Egypt”

Luca Miotto and Anna Quintelli, Archivio dei movimenti sociali 14 Dicembre

“The anachronism of the Italian “Onda anomala” and its relevance in the 2011’s global uprising”

15:30-16:00 Comfort Break

16:00-17:00 Institution

Dima Saber, Birmingham City University

“Vernacular archives as ‘sites’ of memory formations: reflections on the Syrian Archive’s experience using crowd-sourced footage to build a digital memory of the Syrian uprising”

Daniela larrain Salas, Birkbeck, University of London

“The remains of the Archive in Chile: from the archives of repression during the Chilean dictatorship to the archives of transition in Democracy”

Tom Snow, University College London

“Striking at the heart of contemporary art”

17:00-18:00 Conversation about the creation of a network.

Organising Committee:

  • Shaimaa Abdelkarim (Leicester University)
  • Mohamed El-Shewy (Warwick University)
  • Alessandra Ferrini (University of the Arts London)
  • Illan rua Wall (Warwick University)



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