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by | 19 Nov 2019

We want to introduce a page that will intervene in the way law is being taught around the world. So we are calling for contributions to a new pedagogy page: Critical Legal Teaching.

We are particularly interested in short reflections on teaching materials; texts, music, videos & poetry (readings and counter-readings); bibliographies aimed at students; lecture sketches; and even syllabi. But we are also interested in the tools and techniques that you use in your teaching, and the ways you assess (or refuse to assess) the materials. We welcome everything from the brief 300 word analysis of a video to a fully worked operative syllabus. The texts do not have to be simply about what you teach, we also welcome extended critiques of the way legal education is undertaken.

By gathering these materials we hope to create a space where critical legal thinking (understood in its broadest of senses) can be addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. In time we may put these together for a series of books with Counterpress.

It is important to note that just like academic writing, we expect that everyone who uses these materials and ideas in their teaching will acknowledge the original author. At the same time we think that it is important to share teaching practices in order to break down the boundaries between the neoliberalised spaces of the university and school.

In the first instance it is best to contact us in the comments below or via the contact page.


  1. I Really liked the proposal and i alredy have a paper analising criminology and literature. Best regards

  2. that is good


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