Seminar: Resisting Rape as Revolutionary Praxis

by | 25 Mar 2021

We are thrilled that Yvette Russell from the University of Bristol will present the penultimate seminar of this first phase of the collaboration with Warwick’s Critical Legal Studies Centre. Yvette’s research looks at the intersection between theory and praxis in feminist philosophy, and at the law of rape in England and Wales.

In this seminar she talks about her recent work in which she theorises resistance to sexual violence as revolutionary decolonial praxis. Drawing on the work on indigenous feminist scholars, she argues that feminist anti-rape scholarship must look beyond the act of rape as its point of departure for resistant praxis and instead orientate itself around radical ontologies of sexuate being that offer an alternative to those through which rape culture currently proliferates.

Critical Legal Thinking and the Warwick Centre for Critical Legal Studies present the International Critical Legal Seminar Series: Bringing together critical scholars to cultivate community, build ideas and facilitate discussions at a time when the normal spaces for discussion are foreclosed.

The Warwick Centre for Critical Legal Studies is a research and teaching collective committed to centring critical race, class and gender critiques in analysing contemporary social, political, economic and environmental problems, and interrogating law’s complicity in creating these problems.


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