CfP: Conceptualisations of Violence

by | 7 Jun 2021

The Australian Feminist Law Journal editorial board welcomes papers of 8,000–10,000 words for the upcoming AFLJ Special Issue on ‘Conceptualisations of Violence’. The Special Issue seeks to challenge and expand on prevailing legal conceptualisations of ‘violence’ (for example, as predominately physical and masculine or state-based), with a focus on innovative scholarship that develops concepts such as structural violence, speech as violence, spiritual violence, and technological violence, as well as that complicates the legal categorisation of related concepts such as abuse, harm, and exploitation. We are seeking contributions from authors applying critical theoretical frameworks and a combination of doctrinal and interdisciplinary methodologies to pressing socio-legal issues.

Key words: critical theory, conceptualising violence, feminist theory, regulating violence, violence against women.

Please send all submissions to For more information contact Sayomi Ariyawansa (University of Melbourne) at

The Australian Feminist Law Journal focuses upon scholarly research using critical feminist approaches to law and justice, broadly conceived. We publish research informed by critical theory, cultural theory, queer theory, socio-legal and postcolonial approaches, amongst other critical research practices, as well as interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. We particularly encourage submissions that take a diverse and intersectional approach to feminism by drawing on the experiences and perspectives of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), First Nations, faith-based, differently abled, and LGBTIQ+ people and communities. 


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