Alan Hunt

by | 21 Jan 2022

alan hunt

Alan Hunt passed away on Wednesday 8 December 2021. He was at home with his partner Ros in Ottawa, Canada. 

Many had complicated relations with Alan, but he was no doubt a towering figure in the Department of Law and Legal Studies and at Carleton, as well as a touchstone in critical legal studies and the field of law, regulation, and Marxism. He came to Carleton in 1989 after he was enticed to join from the UK where he had long been a figure of the British/internationalist left, along with comrades such as Stuart Hall, and Nicos Poulantzas. At Carleton he supervised countless graduate students in Law and Sociology and, working with others, had a strong hand in creating an interdisciplinary and critical legal studies department. He remained an avid intellectual until his death, re-reading Carolyn Steedman’s « Landscape For a Good Woman », just last month. 

He will be remembered for his robust intellectual contributions, brave – if unpopular and divisive – stances, and ability to tell people around him – even on his death bed – to « fuck off ». I enjoyed his company and will miss him.

Over the next four days CLT will run a series of eulogies and reflections on Alan and Alan’s work from comrades and admirers, both categories I count myself among.

Stacy Douglas


January 2022


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