CfP: Queering International Law 2.0

by | 23 May 2022

In December 2015, Dianne Otto convened an Institute for International Law and the Humanities (IILAH) workshop at Melbourne Law School focused on ‘queering’ international law. The workshop would go on to produce the first book focused solely on queer approaches to international law. In the seven years that have passed since that foundational workshop, there have been significant changes in the field of international law, many of which invite queer curiosity. This workshop aims to revisit the project of queering international law seven years on, with a particular focus on the events of international law’s recent past, as well as the possibilities, alliances, complicities, and risks held out by its future. We invite submissions from new and established scholars working with queer, feminist and postcolonial theories and practices, in international law and related disciplines


Abstracts due: 1 July 2022

Organisers: Dr Tamsin Phillipa Paige (Deakin Law School) and Claerwen O’Hara (La Trobe Law School)

Date: 10 and 11 November 2022

Place: Deakin Downtown, Melbourne, Australia (and online for those unable to travel)

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  1. Nothing can be “queered” enough… we will always be found wanting. The previous generation of “queers” become tomorrows staunch conservatives, while the new “queer” culture will drag us into new depths with passionate zeal.


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