Thanos Zartaloudis

Dr Thanos Zartaloudis is senior lecturer in law at Kent Law School, University of Kent, and Lecturer at the Architectural Association (AA). He researches in the areas of continental philosophy, Jurisprudence and philosophy of law, legal and social history, ideas of property and the commons, architecture (history and theory), urban studies / urban law / urban planning, immigration, asylum and refugee law, history and philosophy of science and new technologies, law and visual studies.

14½ Truths Modestly Addressed to a Young Academic

  1. You are always at a loss. This is not a problem. 2. A view cannot be anything but variable, you do not hold it, nor should an audience hear it as held. 3. Distrust anyone who all too willingly wishes to exercise his or her supposed benevolent power on you. They are certainly the most insecure…

For fragments, and not debts, we are


We are epicurean fragments and not debts, our life is not the life of rights (as debts that will never be paid), but of their use.It may be the case that one could note the peculiar appearance of the thinking minister. A thinking minister is not suddenly a liberated or a good minister, but at…