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Black and Red Baiting: A Reply to Eric Heinze, ‘Angela Davis’s Racism’


It is to be hoped that most readers of Critical Legal Thinking who enjoy a passing acquaintance with twentieth-century history or the writing and activism of Angela Davis, will recognise Eric Heinze’s article ‘Angela Davis’s Racism‘ for what it is: a pompous and purblind character-assassination, whose ignorance of history and political bad faith make old…

Angela Davis’s Racism: A Glance at Morality and History


What might we have thought about high-profile personalities flying into Alabama or Mississippi in the 1950s—white figures meeting with white governors, white mayors, white police chiefs, to openly cheer those states’ ‘equitable solutions’ to social problems?  Such visits certainly took place. Surely we would have to call those visitors overtly racist, or else wilfully ignorant,…