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Legal infrastructure, differentiated space and the spectacle of ‘lawful protest’: The Australian G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013

While the neoliberal politics that the G20 represents are being contested and challenged around the world, the G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013 speaks of the legal violence involved in the criminalization and the preemptive prevention of political dissent to securitize the organization of continued capitalist accumulation.Queensland is this year host to various G20 meetings,…

A Taste for the Secret: Interview with Mark Neocleous

Mark Neocelous is Professor of the Critique of Political Economy at Brunel University, UK. Author of several books incl. most recently ‘War Power, Police Power’ (2014 EUP), ‘Anti-Security’ (2011 Red Quill Books) and ‘Critique of Security’ (2008 EUP/McGill). Many of his articles can be freely accessed here.This interview was originally conducted in March 2014 for Kampfplatz (a…

The state of kettling


Kettling is a terrible tactic both for those caught between the police lines, and for those who fear such a fate. But perhaps rather than attempting to frustrate the strategy through legal means, our plan of action should be to show its incapacity to work on the streets.