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The Further Criminalisation of Student Protest

Open Letter to the Registrar of the University of Warwick following excessive police action against student protestors. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement has served as a reminder of the wider politics of austerity and its beneficiaries in the form of tax cuts and those at its detriment experiencing wage freezes and cuts in services and benefits. It was…

The Law of University Protest: Notes from the UK

Occupation advances a new conception of the relationship between university purpose and property. December 1st saw the launch of “Defend the Irish University“; a charter which underscores common experiences of university privatisation in Ireland and the UK, and suggests possibilities for resistance. It is important to take note of what is happening to students and…

A Right to the University

The use of injunctions to quash protest is an indicator of how deeply privatisation has taken root in British universitiesOn 4 December, the University of London was granted an injunction from the High Court that prohibits ‘persons unknown (including students of the University of London) from ‘entering or remaining upon the campus and buildings of University of…

Use of Private Law to Control Student Occupations


I have been wondering about teaching one of the secret lives of private law; the use of the law of tort, contract and equity to regulate on-campus student protest. There is a growing online archive – of blogs, media reports and university press releases – which details how these private tools for the defence of…

Geographies of the Kettle: Containment, Spectacle & Counter-Strategy


“Those who live by the spectacle will die by the spectacle.” Jean Baudrillard The last few weeks of student-led protests against the ideologically blunt and financially reckless Tory-Liberal Democrat cuts and the massively short-sighted, brutal and regressive cuts to third level education in particular may well have marked something of a turning point in modern…

Italian Protests: A Supplement to Rory


In Italy, apart from the more explicitly aggressive confrontations of yesterday, the student movement had already performed last month strategies of simultaneous occupation of key symbolical sites (Coliseum in Rome, the Tower in Pisa, The Mole in Turin and so on) not only producing symbolical opposition to government policies but also attracting praise for the…

A Note on Violence


There is a determined constituency within the new student movement who do not rule out the use of physical force in protest. The damage they incur is far from random vandalism. The courage they display in refusing to be intimidated by the increasingly brutal tactics of the police has garnered some recognition from others within the movement. Yet the issue remains controversial and potentially divisive.

The state of kettling


Kettling is a terrible tactic both for those caught between the police lines, and for those who fear such a fate. But perhaps rather than attempting to frustrate the strategy through legal means, our plan of action should be to show its incapacity to work on the streets.