Drucilla Cornell

Drucilla Cornell is Professor of Political Science, Comparative Literature, and Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University.

Reflections on 9/​11

The Other 9/11

Presentation at “The Other 9/​11,” Pace University, September 9, 2011. In my remarks tonight, I want to reflect on the significance of 9/​11 for us today, and by “us” I do not simply mean the citizens of the United States, although they will be the focus of my address. Everybody throughout the world has been affected by the…

Revolutionary Possibility Today

Libya Prayers

I am proudly part of a generation whose life was framed by a revolutionary commitment to socialist alternatives to capitalism, which for me always included struggles against racial and sexist oppression. Many of my generation — I was a teenager during the 1960s — have forsaken their radical past. Book after book has come out about how many radicals grew up into…