Key Concepts

The following is an evolving list of key concepts and themes in critical (legal) theory. Follow the hyperlinks for explanations. We are keen to receive further contributions to this page: please refer to our call for contributions.

Critical Race Theory Favourites

Michelle Alexander (Kojo Koram)

Gloria Anzaldúa (Luis Eslava)

Donna Awatere (Yvette Russell)

James Baldwin (Foluke Adebisi)

Steve Biko (Joel Modiri)

Crenshaw & Williams (Eddie Bruce Jones)

Lewis Gordon (Oscar Guardiola-Rivera)

Attia Hosain (Zainab Batul Naqvi)

Critical Bibliographies

Human Rights (Illan rua Wall)

Pos­i­tions of Critique

Cyn­icism (Gil­bert Leung)
TWAIL (Luis Eslava)