Announcement: Within law and without?

The Oxford Brookes Critical Approaches to Law Group is delighted to welcome Connal Parsley (Unversity of Melbourne) to speak this wednesday on: ‘Within law and without? Some remarks on critical approaches to law and jurisprudence’

On Wednesday 28th Sept; 2.00-3.00pm, Willow 2, Headington Hill Campus


Amidst announcements of the ubiquity of politics by thinkers of a biopolitical stripe, what is the place of its usual counterpart, law? If we accept that law is instantly politics and that both now touch the very stuff of life, what is left ‘outside’ law to raise a critical voice? Must all juris-prudence be juris-diction – ‘speaking the law’? What does it mean to ‘know the law’?

Connal Parsley teaches critical legal theory and legal ethics at the University of Melbourne. He publishes on questions at the intersection of legal theory with political, linguistic and aesthetic theory. He is currently completing doctoral work on Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, jurisprudence and the legal tradition of the person, and translating Roberto Esposito’s 1988 Categories of the Impolitical.