Blockupy Frankfurt!

by | 9 May 2012

– create digital and paper mobilization materials! post these online and share the links.
– spread existing mobilization materials (send us your address so we can mail you printed flyers and stickers, and here are links to what we already have: ; ;
– organize local teach-ins (especially on ESM, IMF, EU, role of German state in the EU, financial markets // direct democracy, alternative economies and commons, sustainability, basic income)
– organise buses from your region to Frankfurt
– contact your local groups, neighbors, fellow unemployed, co-workers, assemblies, academics, journalists, artists, actors and musicians.DIY IN FRANKFURT– prepare teach-ins for Frankfurt: share your local situations and practices with others in Frankfurt! talk about the alternatives you already practice, exchange ideas with others. technology teach-ins would also be great: web 2.0, social media, etc.
– prepare thoughts for discussion sessions on how to improve transnational collaboration..!
– organize and set up live contacts between different squares around the world and Frankfurt via livestream
– cooking in Frankfurt – please ask local teams if they might travel to Frankfurt (financing available)
– carry out your own creative actions – help make the financial and commercial district a lively and colorful zone of continuous protest
– create blockade and demonstration materials, and materials for your own creative actions (we will also have spaces and materials for this on Thursday – bring materials if you can!)FLOOD FRANKFURT! plan creative protest actions for the Friday afternoon following the blockade – here is a map of the city center to assist in preparation (The ECB and the existing Occupy camp are at UBahnhof Willy-Brandt-Platz): IN PLANNED EVENTS IN FRANKFURT

– have a person from your regional movement participate in the square of transnational struggles on the evening of Thursday, May 17, to explain local struggles both to other activists and the press, and discuss international links
– invite activists from your local groups and struggles as speakers during and after the demonstration


– prepare local actions (especially around EU Commission offices, banks, major corporations profiting from the crisis) where those who cannot travel to Frankfurt can show solidarity and organize links to Frankfurt
– international social media or press work in as many languages as possible during #Blockupy


– finances – we are working to secure financing in Germany, but money is very tight. we would like to provide financing for buses coming especially from southern and eastern parts of Europe. we are working to get more German groups involved in this fundraising, but if you or your group can provide support (fundraising or money), please do so!
– we are preparing solidarity bus tickets that can be sold for 15 euros, and we will use the money to finance buses from countries particularly affected by crisis austerity policies. if you or your group can help with this fundraising, let us know!


Before May 16

– activists will be in Frankfurt starting at the beginning of May. individuals who can help out in this last-minute planning are welcome to join!

May 16

– some German groups will arrive on this day for a smaller action against the ECB board meeting and also initial occupation

May 17

– major day of arrival. please arrive in the morning, because we need the afternoon for asambleas and action training

– take the squares – there are many green areas in and very close to the financial district in Frankfurt. This is where we will occupy. There is already an existing Occupy Frankfurt camp at this site. Even if we do not succeed in occupying the immediate area, we believe we will be able to occupy the adjacent green spaces. If this does not work either, we have “Plan B” sites – schools, university, sports halls, etc, where we will be able to retreat to. If we need to retreat to Plan B, we will also create a camp a bit further away from the city center. The idea is to attempt the take the squares until a certain time Thursday afternoon/early evening, and after that, we will retreat if necessary.

– much of what happens on this day will depend on whether the occupation is easy, or not. However, it is planned that there will be action training, asambleas, specifically the square of transnational struggles, and live-streaming to other occupations around the world, as well as concerts. Creative actions can and should take place, as well. We will also have spaces where materials can be build/created for the blockade and demo.

May 18

– blockade starting at 6 am, and lasting until some point around midday, to be decided by finger asambleas during the action (IMPORTANT: see the more specific “action consensus”
– flood Frankfurt – participation by all with creative actions following the blockade (IMPORTANT: see the more specific “plan of action”
– asambleas throughout in the evening, celebration with music and cultural program.

May 19

– international demonstration
– asamblies throughout
– international networking meeting

Beyond May 19

– it is expected that people will stay in Frankfurt beyond the planned action days, where the Occupy Frankfurt camp will hopefully still exist…
– we hope that the asambleas during the action days will result in the planning of further transnational meetings and actions

Of course, what to expect depends on who comes and what everyone plans for themselves.

Do you have ideas? Contact us or plan decentrally: globalmay [at]


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