Brutality on World Refugee Day – Ireland

by | 21 Jun 2012

Yesterday another mass deportation to Nigeria took place after many Direct Provision centres were raided by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) early in the morning. We have been informed that people including women and children were taken in Carrick-on-Suir, Cork and Portlaoise.

Out of desperation, a woman called Adekemi tried to harm herself with a knife while she was being taken from her room. After having dragged her outside almost naked from the waist up, the police pepper sprayed her, beat her severely, and handcuffed her in front of early age children who were visibly distraught. As she had recently undergone a serious stomach surgery, the scar opened and started bleeding while she was being beaten. Adekemi was then hospitalised, but after a short time she was brought back to the hostel, and together with her three children she was taken to the airport by the GNIB for deportation.

We find it absurd and shameful that these brutal incidents happened on World Refugee Day, while the United Nations and state elites are celebrating and projecting a tolerant and multicultural image of themselves. In reality, migrants and asylum seekers are increasingly affected by ruthless forms of state racism as the story of Adekemi and many others highlight.

We thereby appeal all concerned citizens and activists to join our campaign against deportations, for the provision of residency to all the people who are still awaiting it, and for the equal treatment of every human being.

Who lives here belongs here!

Anti-Racism Network Ireland


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