Deorientalizing Citizenship? Second Symposium, Goodenough College, UK-London, 12 November 2012

by | 17 Oct 2012

The Oecumene project team is delighted to announce that our Second Symposium: Deorientalizing citizenship? will take place on 12-13 November 2012 at the Goodenough College in London. The symposium is organised by the Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism research project.

Thinking about ‘citizenship after orientalism’ involves addressing two theoretical issues. Firstly, what do we understand by orientalism thirty years after Edward Said’s seminal investigation? How can orientalism be re-articulated beyond its cultural or representational forms? Secondly, what do we mean by citizenship as a possible mode of political subjectivity? Is any articulation of political subjectivity which enacts a claim to rights, or to the right to claim rights, to be understood as citizenship?

The possibility of conceiving practices of citizenship after orientalism points to experiments that uncover, rearticulate and provoke subjugated forms of politics. Through addressing the intersections between orientalism, colonialism and citizenship (panel 1), exploring possibilities of democratic politics for decolonizing citizenship (panel 2) and troubling universal claims to rights (panel 3), we ask what images of citizenship are emerging in relation to the process of deorientalization? It is this experimentation itself, rather than its outcomes, that constitutes ‘citizenship after orientalism’ as a field of investigation.See the full description at:


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