Social Justice: Call for Book Proposals

Social Justice

Social Justice, published by Routledge, editors: Davina Cooper, Sarah Keenan, Sarah Lamble.

The Social Justice Book Series welcomes new manuscripts and book proposals. We are also happy to talk with authors whose book projects are at an early stage about the series.

The aim of the series is to publish books that contribute to diverse interdisciplinary conversations, including about law, power, space, time, institutions and everyday life from critical, progressive and/ or transformative perspectives. Current authors include Nicholas Blomley, Margaret Davies, Lucy Finchett-Maddock, Rosie Harding, Shona Hunter, Sarah Keenan, Mariana Valverde and Aleardo Zanghellini. We have also published a range of edited collections.

Social Justice seeks contributions that are open, engaging, and which speak to a diverse academic audience across law, social sciences and the humanities.

For more information on the series, see:

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