The Irish Crisis

In recent months the Irish crisis has disappeared from the international news. But that has not stopped the crushing cuts. Last sunday night the Taoiseach (the leader of the executive) addressed the nation. On monday and tuesday, an exceptional two-day budget was announced – the first of the new centre-left coalition. Ireland is the trustworthy PIG (Portugal, Ireland and Greece). It has buckled down to some good austerity. But this sounds so bland abroad. Even the word ‘austerity’ sounds like some sort of banal victorian headmistress, likely to give you a stern disapproving eye. But the Irish austerity is eye-watering: unemployment, emigration and emiseration.

One of the most interesting responses to the Irish crisis has been organised over on CrisisJam, on We thought we would repost some of the short pieces commissioned for the Budget CrisisJam special.

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