Stacy Douglas

Stacy Douglas is Lecturer in Law & Legal Studies, Carleton University
Farewell, Alan

Farewell, Alan

Bruce Curtis, Justin Paulson, John Manwaring, Stacy Douglas, and Jennifer Henderson farewell, alan Alan Hunt, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Sociology, chose a medically-assisted death, with Rosalind Allchin, his partner of 42 years, by his side, on 8 December...

Alan Hunt

Alan Hunt

alan hunt Alan Hunt passed away on Wednesday 8 December 2021. He was at home with his partner Ros in Ottawa, Canada.  Many had complicated relations with Alan, but he was no doubt a towering figure in the Department of Law and Legal Studies and at Carleton, as well as...

Two Critical Academic Positions at Carleton University

Position in the “Transnational Regulation of the Economy” The Department of Law and Legal Studies, Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University invites applications for a tenure track appointment in Legal Studies at the rank of Assistant Professor commencing July...

Constitutionalism & the Time of the Political

In his book The Idea of Public Law Martin Loughlin outlines three ‘orders of the political’ that underpin and orient public law. The first order begins with Carl Schmitt’s famous formulation of the distinction between friend and enemy. Loughlin contends that it is...

The state of kettling

Kettling is a terrible tactic both for those caught between the police lines, and for those who fear such a fate. But perhaps rather than attempting to frustrate the strategy through legal means, our plan of action should be to show its incapacity to work on the streets.