William Wall

William Wall is the author four novels, the most recent of which, This Is The Country (2005), has been described as a 'broad attack on the Celtic Tiger'. He has also published poetry and short stories.

Elections in Greece and France

The Eight of May was the Fête de la Victoire in France. It was also the day of François Hollande’s first public appearance as president-elect. The right-wing Le Figaro featured photographs of ‘deux presidents sous l’Arc de Triomphe’, in which Sarkozy managed to look even more disgruntled than usual and Hollande looked as if he…

The New Irish Constitution


Following the Irish Government’s decision to modify the constitution of 1937 following a new constitutional convention, the Ice Moon Blog – which has contacts in the highest places in the Irish State – has been able to obtain a secret government memo with a full mock-up of the new constitution to be amended after the…

Tottenham: Neoliberal Riots and the Possibility of Politics


We are delighted to say that this post has been translated into Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Croatian. One of the many things that we hear repeated ad nauseam in the context of the present rioting in London is that the rioters are ‘feral’, ‘yobs’, ‘thugs’ or more generously ‘disaffected youth’. All the talk from Cameron…